Our Faith Partners



The Laura E. duPont Foundation – Mr. and Mrs. James Johnston, Jr.
Alabama Theatre – Charlie and Virginia Bradshaw
Falk Griffin Foundation – Carl Falk
Strong Title Services – Donnie and Amy Strong
Kevin and Jennifer Kaylor
Ken and Kristin Lowry
Elly Sorensen
Dan and Laura Stacy
Joe R. Young



Coastal Urgent Care – Dr. Gerald Congdon
Dependable Service Plumbing & Air
The Jamie Beard Team – Jamie and Nancy Beard
Triple M Recycling – Kimberly Walsh
Charlie and Elizabeth Ball
Jason and Leigh Boan
Gary and Kelly Cooper
Scott and Sheila Ellison
Doug and Jan Hart
Royce and Stephanie King
Jon and Tory Mackey
Daryl and E.J. Richter
Bob and Anne Sorensen



Dunes Beach Home Rentals – Dana Arneman
Forrest Anesthesia – Dr. Jim Forrest
KOE Strategies – Joseph and Christine Mason
The Roper Group – Shawn and Leigh Roper
SMP Painting Contractors, Inc.
Buck Cutts
Dave and Linda Grabeman
Glen and Joann Hall
Henry and Betty Jobe
Robby and Helen Jones
Tom and Gay Kelly
Lisa Latall
Jeanne Quinn
Michael and Sarah Ratz
John and Margaret Smith



Eggs Up Grill – Jason Burger
Elliott, Phelan & Kunz, LLC
Harmon and Felts, PA
Litchfield Real Estate – Stone and Harriett Miller
McNeal Veterinary Hospital – Dr. Candace Boyd
Pawleys Podiatry – Dr. Ralph Sprinkle
The Debbie Hammond Team – Debbie Hammond
The Joggling Board – Amy Bunn
Waccamaw Heating & Cooling
3D Land Group, Inc. – Dan Stuckey
Chip and Mary Abernethy
Teresa Bennani
Bubba and Bleeker Cannon
Phylis Chapman
Jim and Gail Davison
Bobby and Jamie Edwards
Dr. Jeanne Fourrier
Shirley Fromang
Andy and Michele Giarratano
Joan Goodwin
James and Susan Graves
Diane Hardesty
Jim and Kathryn Hardin
Meredith Kelley
Larry and Meg Kelly
Courtney Koonce
Teresa Lambert
Janet Luiz
Dana and Renae Marsh
Rebecca Massie
Jason and Shirley Mayhew
Carolyn McGill
Rev. Milton and Betty Moss McGuirt
Mildred McNeil
Jim and Lu Mottley
Meredith and Nick Papadea
Gerald Rolfsmeyer
Matt and Ebie Stover
Gail Thompson
Pat Terrill
Marshall and Nancy Truluck
Elizabeth Tucker
Daniel and Kimberly Walsh
Dave and Louisa Watson
Don and Carole Williamson
Trish and Doug Wimsatt